Paddy O’s Race Recap – 2013

Here’s a quick and belated recap of the Paddy O’s Shillelagh Shuffle. Mostly, I’m writing this to help me remember how the race went this year.

Since I started running in earnest, I’ve run the Paddy O’s 3 miler. At this point, I don’t particular care for short races and the pain associated to running a fast time. But I try to run this race annually because it acts as a nice benchmark. It helps me measure my short-distance pace general fitness and helps to trace a year over year arc since I started running. I also run it because it starts and finishes about 300 yards from my house. I can walk to the start line.

This was my third time running this particular race. The course is very flat and fast and it passes through residential areas. It is a 3 mile loop (not sure why they don’t make it a 5K).

This year, I was hoping to see improvement on my pace from 2 years ago when I ran the race wit a 7:28 mile pace. Given I ran a half-marathon with a 7:45 pace last year, I was confident I could do that.

This year, I forgot to bring my GPS watch but the race had timers calling out pace at the 1 and 2 mile marks. I was pissed when I hit the 1 mile mark and the timer called out 7:49. What the heck? That’s like a normal training run these days. What’s going on? I kicked myself into a higher gear. What I didn’t realize was that it had taken me 40 seconds to pass the start line at the gun. I was really running about a 7:10 for that first mile.

Anyway, I push myself harder for the 2nd mile and heard the timer call out 14:48 (gun time again, so close to a 7 minute pace for mile 2). And then kept the peddle down for the last mile. I didn’t have much of a kick left at the end, but finished up with a race time of 20:53, a 6:58 pace.

Overall, I was very pleased with the race. I was pleased to get my pace under 7 minutes. Two years ago, I ran at a 7:28 pace. Three years ago I was at a 7:36 pace. So I’m getting faster in my old age and have continued my streak of year over year improvement.

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