Taking the leap

To many I’ve talked to recently, this isn’t necessarily news . . . but about 7 weeks ago I left my very, very good job as a product manager at InsightSquared. InsightSquared is doing really well. And I enjoyed my 19 months there. But it was time to leave. I’m incredibly grateful to the folks at InsightSquared. Folks like Sam and Fred and Bryan gave me a ton of autonomy and a big challenge. But . . .

It was time to leave because I had completed that big challenge they initially had given me.

It was time to leave because it was a little too early to leave. And I’d never left a job too early. Always too late.

It was time to leave because I couldn’t shake the idea that it was time for me to challenge myself as much as possible and try to start my own company.

It was time to leave because my risk profile allowed for me to take a big risk this year. (By the way, my wife is really incredible and I am one super lucky guy).

It was time to leave because I am excited about trying to help folks with Fulfilled.

So I have turned my side project at Fulfilled (p.k.a Diseer) into my full-time job.

I’m currently working on Fulfilled full time, getting some help from some friends part-time and starting to build a product. We’ll see how it goes. If you want to keep tabs on Fulfilled, subscribe to the blog. Or even better, sign up to use the product when it is made available. Go on, sign up.

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